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At FoxTrot we stand behind all of our dogs with breeder support for the life of your ridgeback.

At any given time we hear of puppies available from other breeders or an older dog that cannot be cared for any more.  Please contact us for any information that we may have on puppies or adults that are currently available for adoption.

 If you are seriously interested in purchasing a puppy be prepared to wait.  Puppies are not available all the time.  Each breeding is planned and people typically will wait up to a year to receive their puppy.  The end result is definitely worth waiting for.  Please e-mail me and I will be happy to send you a puppy questionnaire and you can return at your earliest convenience.All puppies are raised in our home so that they may be properly socialized so that you may be provided with a puppy of sound mind.  We also strive for the best in structure and health.  All puppies are sold on a non breeding contract.​ When you purchase a puppy from us you become and part of the FoxTrot family.  We like to keep in touch with our buyers to see how things are going and to give any support that may be needed.  I also expect that our buyers keep in touch with us. 

RIDGEBACK PUPPIES Ridgebacks can be born either with a ridge or without.  Ridgeless Ridgebacks are very much just the same in temperament and structure but just missing the ridge.  They also can have different colours, wheaten, light wheaten or dark wheaten and can also be born with a liver nose instead of a black one.  Ridgebacks can be lazy at times typically sleeping on their bed in the sun one minute and then ready to go on their evening walk the next.  Ridgebacks are loyal and protective dogs but are also sensitive.  You do not need to be hard on a Ridgeback, consistent and proper training will be most beneficial.

Josie/Thor Puppies
Jasmine/Thor Puppies Nov. 11, 2012
Josie/Jordi Puppies
Jasmine/Thor Litter 2014

Duncan x Meg
Puppy Questionnaire
Litter Due September 2023